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Vital equipment: 5 top benefits of a nebuliser machine

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If you require medical care for a respiratory condition, then it’s likely that you will need a nebuliser machine. This is typically because your doctor views the treatment as more suitable for you in contrast to other methods like inhalers, pills or shots. 

If you are looking to buy nebuliser, it is important to know what they are and what are their benefits. They are a medical instrument that converts liquid medicine into a medicated mist that you can inhale using a mouthpiece or mask. 

A typical machine will expel the mist in a steady stream until either the machine is turned off or all the medicine has been inhaled. The time spent inhaling the medicine usually lasts from 10 to 20 minutes although this can vary. 

You might be curious about why your doctor thinks this method is better for you, and so we’re here to discuss some of their benefits: 

  1. They work much faster 

These vital pieces of medical technology can work faster than other forms of administration. For example, medicines that are swallowed must first be broken down in the digestive system and circulate until it can get to the part of the body that actually requires the medication. Conversely, the mist that these vital machines produce bypass the bloodstream and digestive system, thus immediately reaching the inflamed airways. 

When someone is experiencing an asthma attack, this technology can reduce the time experiencing said attack and make it much less harmful for the person. 

  1. They produce less side effects 

These vital pieces of medical technology tend to produce fewer side effects than other administration methods. Patients tend to have fewer problems like headaches or increased heartbeats when using a quality nebuliser. 

The therapy can be enlisted for years with fewer long-term side effects compared to long-term steroid treatment which can cause weight gain, loss of bone mass, high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels. 

  1. They are easy to use 

They are a breeze to use, making it possible for most people to administer the medicine without any assistance from home healthcare agents or nurses. In fact, the average person can operate the technology far more easily than other more complex daily household electronics, so it is easy to administer the medicine. 

They don’t require the individual to exhale or inhale in any particular manner, instead working more efficiently if the patient breathes normally but a little deeper than usual. In contrast, inhalers are quite complicated to use at the beginning, and require that the patient perform a frustrating breathing choreography that they simply don’t have to do with the other method. 

  1. They are very convenient to have handy 

Nebulisers come in a variety of sizes that make them convenient to have both at home and on-the-move. They are easy to set up and unpack, and you only require one household outlet to operate them (if you don’t have one of the rechargeable battery options that are also great for at home and out-of-home use!). 

  1. They can support your long-term health 

Nebulisers are, of course, designed to support your ongoing health, providing preventative medicine as part of a daily health regimen. For this reason, and the others mentioned above, they are some of the best technology when it comes to administering a patient with their vital medicinal routine. 

So, if your doctor has recommended you use this technology as opposed to your old method, it might be for one of these important reasons.


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