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That’s refreshing: 4 fabulous benefits of a custom-designed pool

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Ahh Sydney, is any other major Aussie city blessed with better weather? Sure, Brisbane may be balmy, but it’s quick to throw up a nasty tropical storm. Don’t even get us started on Melbourne, where it’s freezing cold and overcast for most of the year. Maybe Perth has some sunny days, but it’s so expensive to fly over to that isolated western beacon it’s hard to believe it for yourself! 

Yes, Sydney is the place to be if you want to enjoy sublime weather on a near-year-round basis, and there is no better way to enjoy such weather than through the uber refreshment of the best residential pool designs Sydney has available! 

But what’s even better than building one of these great Aussie refreshers in your backyard is custom building one to perfectly suit your home and lifestyle. 

With this in mind, let’s find out why your very own style is perfect for this vital home addition: 

  1. You choose the shape 

Your backyard is your backyard, and anything that you build in it should be customised to your very desire. The same goes for the great piscina: you should most certainly be able to choose the shape that fits into your backyard. 

Are you going for the ultra-contemporary with a smart, rectangular outline? Or, are you one of the more rustic, old school Aussie look? You know, the one with the wavy outline that seems to groove along with the eucalyptus swaying gently in the breeze above? 

Or, does your terrace need something small, smart and compact? A little plunge style to give you that quick refresher on a hot summer’s day? Whatever style you desire can be done to suit your home, budget and lifestyle needs, so take your pick - you’ll love the end result! 

  1. You can style it to fit your lifestyle? 

Do you consider yourself at least one level down from Olympic swimming ability? Is there nothing you’d love more than to test that belief on the regular with a lap style pool? 

Or, are you raising a young family? The kind of family that needs a shallow wading area for safely teaching the kids to become the next Thorpey or McKeon? 

The great thing about the best residential pool designs Sydney has available is that you can build it to suit your lifestyle, and not just have to choose some template style that will get left to gather leaves because it doesn’t fit the bill of what you wanted it for in the first place! 

  1. Different decking options 

The great Aussie pool/decking combo is one that can't be overlooked when the summer rolls around, and the great thing is that you can customise your decking to fit around the pool in a style that is absolutely stunning. 

If you’ve been looking to create the great Sydney entertainer’s space, one that begs for a late arvo barbie on a hot December night, then there is no better way to start than by customising this space with your very own pool and decking combination. 

  1. You can really go for it with the features 

Because there is still absolutely nothing kitschy about pool features! Fountains, LED lights, rock walls and waterfalls are all still a go in our books, and there is no better way to invigorate your incredible new garden than with some fabulous features to go with your incredible new garden!

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That’s refreshing: 4 fabulous benefits of a custom-designed pool

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