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Tips to Recover Fast from a Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are intimidating. It sounds like a scary treatment but it actually isn’t. It is completely safe and if your dentist recommends you one, it is important that you get it done, as soon as possible as you don't want the infection to spread and make things worse.

Root canal treatment is important for protecting your teeth against extreme tooth decay. Thus, getting the infection removed, as soon as possible, is recommended. And if you have recently gone through this treatment, then it is best to follow your dentist's advice and prescription to recover fast and get along with your daily chores effectively. 

However, taking care of yourself, on your own, is also very important. And here, we have listed some pro tips to help you recover fast or at least minimize the risk of your situation becoming complicated.

Tip 1: Keep your Head Elevated while Sleeping:

After a root canal, you will experience swelling around the treated area. It can be painful and your doctor will prescribe you painkillers along as well. Sleeping might be a little hard too. Thus, the best way to get a good sleep is to keep your head elevated for a few days. It will minimize the pain and you will be able to sleep in peace too. 

Tip 2: Do not Eat Right Away:

Your treated area will be numb for a good few hours after the treatment. And to make sure that you don't mess up anything, you are not allowed to eat anything for some time. If you think that your doctor is just saying it and you decide to munch on your favourite meal, as a comfort element; you are wrong. Do not eat anything for as long as the doctor states. 

Tip 3: Don’t indulge in Stressful Activities:

Take your office off for at least a day or two after root canal and try to avoid physical activities for at least 48 hours. Strenuous activities like running, walking a lot, jogging or playing sports are completely off the list. It is best to stay in bed and just let yourself be. Dressing your body will instigate pain and your recovery process will slow down. 

Tip 4: Avoid Inflammatory Items:

While recovering from a  root canal, it is best to avoid certain foods that can trigger inflammation in your gums. Do not smoke or drink. Also avoid hot and extreme cold beverages. It is best to have room temperature water. Also avoid eating hard foods. Prefer semi-fluid foods till your swelling and pain wavers off. 


With just a little care, you can easily manage to recover from a  root canal treatment effectively. It is important to give it time and do not push yourself to get up and go right away. And don't forget to follow up with your dentist, as stated and take your medicines on time.


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Tips to Recover Fast from a Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are intimidating. It sounds like a scary treatment but it actually isn’t. It is completely safe and if your dentist recommends you one, ...

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