The trendiest things to see and do in Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane is surrounded by the most beautiful places on the Australian East coast, making it a perfect tourism city worldwide. There are several trending things to see and do in Brisbane, so if you're deciding to visit this city, keep reading our article! We'll share with you some of the best things to do in Brisbane. Let's get started!

Explore South Bank:

It is one of our top picks for visiting Brisbane as it includes many places to visit, such as museums, restaurants, bars, and many more. The headquarters of real money gambling is also located here, for instance, aussie online casino. We assure you that you'll never get bored here! If you're Art lover, you must go to the world-class Queensland Art Gallery of South Bank. It involves over 17,000 Australian and International works of art that offer the apprehensive experience to visitors. Further, if you're traveling with your kids, the Science Centre and Museum is a great treat – it presents some cool history exhibitions.

City Botanic Gardens:

City botanic gardens are set in a curve of the river and one of Brisbane's most charming and peaceful spots. This place is beautifully designed with an extensive range of subtropical plants and manicured lawns with wild rainforests. During your visit, you can see the alluring Ibis birds (Australian version of pigeons), weird ducks, and bush turkeys, giving pleasant times. Most importantly, the serene of Brisbane makes it the most favorite place for locals and tourists.

Sightsee at a River Cruise:

The river cruise runs through the heart of Brisbane city and offers one of the best options to enjoy sightseeing for travelers. It's a perfect way to attain a fresh outlook of Brisbane landmarks, including Kangaroo Point Cliffs, Story Bridge, and even some wildlife.

Mount coot – Tha:

Brisbane's mount coot is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the whole world. It offers a view of the CBD skyline and Moreton Bay! It's an excellent option to get your legs working, as the mountains provide several hiking and biking trails. There're almost 70km of trails on the hill, so if you're an enthusiast of hiking – that'll be a great feast for you!

Eat Street Northshore:

If you're a foodie – the Eat Street Northshore is a perfect place for you as it's like a party for your taste buds. Here, you can eat whatever you want, enjoy the carnival-type atmosphere and listen to the rocking live music. Hundreds of vendors from around the globe come here and dispense treats from Malaysian to Mexican cuisine. So, if you visit Brisbane and looking for some international comfort food – this is your place!


Brisbane is located in Queensland and is famous among tourists worldwide for its huge range of outdoor activities. It has the most admiring places for visitors to explore including, islands, gardens, new restaurants, bars, and music clubs.



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The trendiest things to see and do in Brisbane, Australia

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