New Covid restrictions a big blow

  • Written by Business Council

New restrictions are a massive blow to our recovery, but business is working constructively with government to limit the damage and reopen as quickly as possible, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.


“We understand why these new rules have been put in place. We continue to work closely with the state government to design rules that don’t impact critical supply chains and essential services.


The NSW government has been willing to listen, engage and make technical changes to keep vital supply chains open.


“While we work to manage the immediate challenge, we can’t lose focus on the need to find ways to shift our thinking and innovate to get people back to work fast.


“The shutdown of construction will have a massive economic impact because this is a sector with a long tail through the economy.


“We have to find a way through on construction as a matter of urgency because there are big financial and health and safety impacts that flow from a sector wide pause.


“Big projects aren’t a tap that can simply be turned on or off, so we need to start planning now to reopen.


“We have to find ways to live with this virus while we wait for the vaccine roll-out to take off, which we know will happen rapidly when new supplies arrive.


“Technology has made us a world leader on tracking and tracing and containment, now we need to find ways to use it to live alongside the virus. 


“We should consider how new innovations like rapid testing can make workplaces safe and start getting big projects going again.


“Obviously, vaccination is our ticket back to normality. The business community are working closely with governments to ensure we’re ready to get people protected quickly once the supply is available.”


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