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Rebate Deadline Coming Fast – Queenslanders Scramble to Order Heat Pumps

  • Written by Sky Digital

Investing in a heat pump hot water system makes financial and environmental sense. Not only can it save you hundreds of dollars each year by using less power to heat your water, but it's also reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

Queenslanders can earn major rebates by embracing solar and heat pump systems with the new Climate Smart Energy Saver Scheme. Applications for the rebates open on the 4th of September, and you can claim up to $1000 for a limited time. The sooner you order your heat pump hot water system, the better. This is a first come, first served rebate, and products may be in short supply.

There's a high risk that the market will see an influx of inferior heat pumps as many Queenslanders scramble to order the best. Secure your system as soon as possible and always use a qualified plumber to handle the installation.

We asked John Salmon, a leading advocate of heat pump technology, which heat pump hot water systems he would recommend.

"We've been reviewing heat pump hot water systems since they were first invented. The problem is that a great-quality heat pump will save you money for decades, a poor-quality one absolutely will not,” he says.

And buyer beware: a poor-quality heat pump won't just cost you in the long run; it may also disqualify you from securing a rebate.

"Our approach has been to test, test, test to make sure we only provide the very best quality systems. This new rebate scheme has already put pressure on supply, so we have concerns that fly-by-nighters will flood the Queensland market with shonky models," Salmon added.

What to look for in a heat pump hot water system

There are several factors to consider when looking for the right heat pump system for your home.

  • SIZE: Choose a system that can meet the hot water demands of your household. A qualified plumber can help you determine the optimal size.

  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Heat pumps are more efficient than other systems, but you can still look at the Coefficient of Performance for the most energy-efficient model.

  • CLIMATE: Some systems operate better in specific climates, so be sure yours meets the demands of Queensland's climate.

  • LOCATION: Where you install your heat pump can affect performance. Assess the installation guidelines to ensure there is satisfactory space for the model you choose to be safely installed.

  • BRAND: Is the heat pump made by a brand known for its quality, customer support, and warranties?


What's the best quality heat pump hot water system in Queensland?


Rheem Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

With almost a century in the business of building high-quality systems, Rheem is one of the leading manufacturers of heat pump hot water systems today. These efficient hot water systems are known for intelligent controls, quiet operation, and quick recovery rates.

Sanden Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Sanden heat pumps are cost and energy-efficient, making them one of the biggest brands on the market. Sanden creates heat pumps using only the highest quality components. The brand is known to create some of the most eco-friendly and energy-efficient systems on the market. The pumps and tanks come with separate warranties for six and 15 years respectively. If you want to save money and reduce your carbon footprint, Sanden is a great choice.

Apricus Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Apricus has built a stellar reputation in the industry in their two decades of operation. They are known for high-quality heat pumps that are innovatively designed, operate quietly, and are energy efficient. They use high-quality components to produce their products, and the systems also use a timer that is designed to integrate with solar power.

Reclaim Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Reclaim products come with sizeable warranties, and the brand is known for eco-friendly and energy-efficient hot water systems, as well as their durability and reliability. They're also compatible with solar electricity, so you can maximise your efficiency.

Heat Pump Hot Water Side-by-Side Comparison







Energy Efficiency*

Avg CoP = 4.5

Avg CoP = 5

Avg CoP = 4.13

Avg CoP = 6.02

Tank Capacity

Various sizes available

Various sizes available

Various sizes available

Various sizes available


All in one system, Indoor or outdoor options

Split system, Indoor or outdoor options

All in one system, Often outdoor installation

Split system, Indoor or outdoor options

Operating Temperature

Adjustable settings

Adjustable settings

Adjustable settings

Adjustable settings, Fast Heating

Noise Level

Whisper quiet

Generally quiet

Generally quiet

Whisper quiet


7 yrs on cylinder
3 yrs on sealed system

6 yrs on pump,
15 years on tank.

6 years

6 yrs on pump,
15 years on tank


Can be integrated with solar


Designed for solar systems

Solar power compatible

Control Interface

Digital controls

User-friendly interface

User-friendly interface

Smart controller standard

Environmental Impact

Depends on refrigerant used

Lower environmental impact


Ozone friendly refrigerant

*CoP (Coefficient of Performance) is a measure of how efficient the system is. The higher the CoP rating = the more efficient the heat pump. For example, a CoP of 5 indicates 5kW heat energy produced from 1kW electricity.

Get Your Rebate In!

Whatever heat pump you choose, be quick! Applications for the rebates open on the 4th of September and are expected to be in high demand so book in your heat pump installation now.






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Rebate Deadline Coming Fast – Queenslanders Scramble to Order Heat Pumps

Investing in a heat pump hot water system makes financial and environmental sense. Not only can it save you hundreds of dollars each year by using l...

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