9 Questions to ask when hiring a removalist

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Aside from tasks you have to complete for the move, another thing that may cause you to worry is entrusting your belongings to strangers. For this reason, a lot of people are critical when choosing removalists who will handle and transport their belongings.

Whether it's your first time moving or hiring a removalist, you may be wondering about the factors that you have to consider before booking your move. If you're planning to look online or get recommendations from your family or friends, here are some of the questions you need to ask before signing a contract.

Do they have all the required licences or permits to operate?

One of the most important questions you need to ask your removalist is if they have the requirements to operate legally in your area. This will ensure that you will be working with removalists who have received proper training and have the right equipment to perform different kinds of moves safely.

Whilst this does not guarantee a perfectly hassle-free move, it will give you peace of mind knowing that you are working with removalists who know what they are doing.

How long have they been in business?

Local removalist Brisbane has established processes that are proven to be effective in offering hassle-free moves. When you work with removalists who have been helping many customers with their move, it will be easier to put your trust in the company knowing that they will follow procedures to ensure your goods will be handled properly and will be kept safe until they are delivered to your new home.

What are the services they offer?

Moving companies offer a range of services to cater to the various requirements of each customer. As you do your research about removalists in your area, it's best to ask removalists what other services they offer aside from transporting your goods. Some removals companies offer other specialised services to make home relocations less stressful for customers

You may also ask removalists if they offer storage. This information is important, especially if you have items that require storage or if you need your belongings to be stored whilst looking for a new property or if you don't intend to stay long in your new residence.

What is included in the moving quote?

Every move has its own unique requirements. Hence, the prices on each quote may differ even if the moves are in the same area. Feel free to ask removalists about what will be included in the quote that they will provide for you. Instead of surprising you with additional charges on your moving day, responsible removalists will make you aware of any additional costs.

Feel free to make clarifications or ask questions about certain items on the quote before signing the quote.

Do they conduct surveys? If yes, what kind?

Home surveys help removalists design moving plans that are tailored to the unique requirements of the customers. When removalists or moving experts visit your home, they can make a first-hand assessment of what needs to be done. This is also an opportunity to identify challenges that removalists may encounter on the day of the move.

Unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable with having strangers visit their homes. In case you have the same issue, you may ask the company ahead of time about what options they offer aside from in-home surveys.

Do they offer moving insurance?

Getting moving insurance is not always required, but it can be very beneficial, especially for those who are relocating to remote places or areas with bad access. Removalists take the utmost care when handling and transporting your belongings. However, there are instances when accidents and unfortunate events occur and may lead to damage to some belongings.

Before booking your move, ask removalists if they offer moving insurance. If they do, you may also ask about what is covered by the insurance. This way you can determine if you need to opt for additional insurance for valuables and other items that may require special handling.

Can they provide references?

One of the best ways to verify the existence and quality of service provided by moving companies is through customers who have used their services before. Aside from the reviews or recommendations published online, you may also ask the company for references that you may contact.

Even if the companies and their reviews look credible, you can always contact some of their references to ask about their moving experience. This can help you manage your expectations for the moving day.

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9 Questions to ask when hiring a removalist

Aside from tasks you have to complete for the move, another thing that may cause you to worry is entrusting your belongings to strangers. For this...

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