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Sunshine Coast business expands to new factory

Darren Nelson, CEO of Solace Sleep and renowned as the ‘sleep expert’ in industry circles is also building a custom sleep clinic to help people solve sleep issues like chronic pain. 

Mr Nelson says the move to the mega warehouse in Caloundra is also about protecting his business from falling foul of the shipping crisis, as strong bed sales spur demand as people invest in their sleep.

When Shanghai was placed into a snap lock down in May and June, international trade was again interrupted, with months of delays in goods being shipped to Australia from White goods, furniture, cars and technology.

The new warehouse has the capacity to hold more than a year’s worth of orders.

“Many Australians have been forced to wait months for goods coming from overseas, but there’s no waiting for Australian made products,” Mr Nelson said.

“When someone needs a new bed, they need it now.”

Solace Sleep has also begun manufacturing a luxe new bespoke mattress in Australia, with a very exclusive interior, usually only found in beds sold to the Royal Family and carrying the Royal Warrant (goods worthy of royals).

“It’s made with the finest raw materials including latex and breathable natural fibres like cashmere, camel hair and horse hair - exactly the same as beds made for the Royal family,” says Mr Nelson.

“Once we knew we could source the bespoke materials we searched for a local manufacturer in Australia, so we could personally oversee the making of these exclusive beds.

Polling from Roy Morgan shows 89 per cent of Australians believe more products should be locally manufactured.

“After working in this industry for more than 20 years I’ve seen so many people unable to get a decent night sleep because they can’t switch off, they are in chronic pain or just not prioritising sleep,” he says.

“Sleep enables the body to prepare for the next day and it leads to improved performance and better health outcomes. We can function better in every area.”

“If you don’t elevate your head and feet at night, you won’t get the right comfort and right oxygen flowing into your body.”

“By the time we turn 70, we will have slept on average 220,000 hours. Compare that to the time we have spent working when we are 70 and it's only 80,000 hours.”


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